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TikTok Was The Most Downloaded App of 2021

✔ TikTok has 1 Billion monthly active users worldwide

While 1 billion might not seem like a lot when compared to Facebook’s 2.8 billion, it’s still incredibly impressive when you consider the fact that TikTok has only been around for 5 years.

In comparison, Facebook has been around for 17 years (more than 3x as long) and it took around 7 years for Facebook to reach the number of users as TikTok. marketing

Building Your Channel

We set your system up custom to your Spa or Med Spa

Getting Started with TikTok Ads

We can run Ads for you or we can create you an account to run Ads from. But creating a proper business account does not even get you started with TikTok Ads

Ads on TikTok Are Getting Better Results

When comparing impressions, TikTok is the clear winner. With over 11 million impressions, the TikTok ads generated 235% more impressions and spent $11,000 less than the Facebook and Instagram ads.

Ads on TikTok Are Different Than FB

It's all about the eye catching, video driven, proper audience placement Ads that make TikTok different. The audience is there and less expensive to reach!

Start Now or Regret Later

It's now or never when it comes to getting in early on the lowest cost per lead you will ever see for an audience this size. Let us know when you're ready!

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